Six years of part time study came to an end on the 8th September 2011. My final project which was a development process spanning two years was exhibited at the prestigious House for an Art Lover in Glasgow, Scotland until 16th September 2011.

Degree Statement

Although born in the English West Midlands I've have resided in the middle of the Mediterranean on the island of Malta for the last 22 years, 18 of those years have been spent with clay under my finger nails. I started my BA (Hons) Degree as a mature student and for my final two years of study chose the subject of Interaction. Mugs are the most interactive form of ceramics, they perform within our personal space, are fondled like lovers and offer moments of respite with their contents. The five sets of mugs that I've designed and created have a personality and carry a message through use of colour and form relating to historical references, social interaction and everyday objects.